Why Work With Us?

Teamwork. What you expect out of your employees should also be expected from your outside vendors. We work directly with our customers to learn their business and how it runs. Every business is different, and in order to build our customer’s computer systems, we want to put ourselves in the owner’s shoes. We are on your team, is your current IT company?

Novation Networks is Northeast Pennsylvania’s Leader in online communications, including Custom website and email hosting, spam filtering, and public servers. We also specialize in business networking design, upgrades, and upkeep. The most important thing for a growing and productive businesses in the world today is that they have a strong and stable technology infrastructure. Your businesses computers demand attention and can be more crucial than anything if not supported and protected correctly. At Novation Networks, we are convinced that once you entrust us with your company’s IT needs, you will see what it is like to have your company’s most important factor in the right hands.

1. Are you tired of having an IT company which cant speak your language?

2. Is your IT company selling you things and products which your not sure you need?

3. Is your IT company’s support and reaction time sub-par for your business?

4. Does your IT company talk to you like you don’t understand anything about how your business runs?

Once you talk with one of our technical representatives, you will find yourself with an understanding, cooperative and friendly staff, who you can actually talk to. We will take the time to design a solution around the best practices of your company, without all the hassle of confusing bills, parts or labor that your not sure you need. Be weary of technical words that can just be a smoke-screen for your IT company to gain a few extra dollars. At Novation Networks, we are on your team. Is your Current IT Company?